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Those who read or study frequently, might enjoy doing this not only at the study desk, but also in bed or even on a lounge chair. In order to have the comfort and safety needed, the readers should be able to choose according to their needs, their age and the frequency with which they read.

The myth that "only lamps are suitable for reading" has to be forgotten. These days one can find a variety of lighting structures suitable for reading, in harmony with the furniture decorating the space. The lighting structures come with different technologies, such as incandescent, LED and halogen, in varied shapes, colors and combination of materials, designed by a large number of designers.

Whatever the shape, design and color, the reading light structures should provide adequate brightness, in order not to harm one's eyes.

In order to be able to achieve the perfect harmony between the design of the area where the reading lighting structures will be placed, there are a few issues which need to be taken into account.

Foremost, the reader has to decide where the reading lighting structure will be placed, and only after this issue is resolved, the choosing process can go on to the next step.

Proper Reading Lights for the Bedroom

Some of us enjoy reading a good book before going to sleep, and not having to get out of bed in order to turn off the light. Also there is no need to keep the light in the whole room on, for reading, thus we could save energy.


The most appropriate lighting structures for reading in the bedroom are bed lamps, which can be fixed into the wall above the bed, bedside lamps and clip lamps, which are portable and can be used in a variety of ways.

Due to the fact that in the bedroom, the light isn't very bright usually, the light scattered by the reading lamp should be just bright enough to offer the reader the required comfort during the reading process.

Proper Reading Lights for Lounge Rooms

Choosing the suitable reading lights for lounge rooms, might be more complicated than you think, due to the varied range of lighting structures from which you can choose. Huge floor lamps are perfect as lighting structures that accompany a lounge chair. Another suitable option for these lounge rooms are pendant lamps, more exactly dome shaped pendant lamps, you should place a pendant lamp above the chair or couch on which you prefer to read.

Taking into account the fact that the lamps which accompany a lounge chair, a couch or an armchair are based mainly on focused light, choosing the technology with which the lighting structure is provided, is vital. Not only due to the fact that you have to choose the right brightness but also due to the fact that it has to be in perfect harmony with the adequate comfort level for your eyes. Thus, I would not recommend LED or halogen technology to be chosen to brighten up your lounge room.

Proper Reading Lights for your Desk or Study

Some of us, choose to read at the desk. For those there is a varied range of shapes, colors and designs of table lamps from which they can choose. Due to the fact that this might be the most explored domain in the reading lights area, you'll find the most diversified range of products. Starting with classical table lamps, going on with squared table lamps and ending with lamps that are shaped as balls or even animals, just search and you will find the one that fits you best.

Table lamps are also based on focused light, as the whole light they scatter is focused on a certain spot. Thus you should be careful in choosing the table lamp that has the adequate brightness level.

Before choosing the suitable lighting structure for your reading area, there are certain things you should pay attention to, such as the brightness level, the furniture with which you have to accommodate the lighting structure and last but not least not to harm your eyes and to have the adequate comfort in order to be able to enjoy a good book.

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