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Chandelier buying guide for beginners

Chandelier buying guide for beginners

Gone are the good old days when rustic pieces of crystal used to be placed in the dining rooms alone, chandeliers have evolved with time. Earlier they used to be reserved for specific rooms, however these days they can be used everywhere, from the entrance way to bedroom, You'll found them in every corner of the house. Here are a few tips which you might find useful when it comes to chandeliers.

Getting the height right

Height plays a crucial role in setting a California crystal chandelier, one must be careful in setting the height of the chandelier; it shouldn't be too low that people keep bumping their heads into it. Although low hanging fixtures are in high demand these days, still you ought to be careful with the height of the fixtures. For fixtures like Cellula chandelier - 47 inches- 9 bulb and Cellula LED Chandelier B, you could use chains, as they are a bit rustic and would add a bit of vintage touch to your setting. The thing with chains is that they are adjustable; you could maneuver the height of your fixture by adding or subtracting few links.

Size of chandeliers

Usually when people think of chandeliers, big bulky structures are the first ones that come in mind, however these days the chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes. Beginning from pendants, which could be used for smaller places to bulkier pieces like crystal chandeliers which are ideal for formal settings such as dining rooms. If you want to install pendants in your sitting area then you might like pieces such as Diamante chandelier and Polaris chandelier small, since these are sleek and do not garner much space, however they serve as a reliable source of light. Size of LED chandeliers depends on multiple factors, such as type of ceiling, height of ceiling, space setting and perhaps the most important one; room dimensions. So the simple rule of thumb that is suggested by experts is that you measure the room dimension and then install a chandelier with similar dimension in inches. This explains why rooms with large dimensions crave larger fixtures.

Pieces like Rain chandelier and Medusa Chandelier are simply perfect for a formal setting such as a dining area, since they have crystal as their primary material therefore they do add a bit of much needed glam to the space. Moreover contemporary crystal chandeliers uplift the overall aura of the space, and give an exquisite touch to your overall ambiance.

Adjusting the brightness

Chandeliers that come without dimmers are simply a waste of hard earned money, hence never go for fixtures that come without dimmers, as you would simply have no other option, other than the default one. Moreover you might also hear of some fixtures in which dimmers can be installed later, however these too are to be avoided. Always choose fixtures that come with build in dimmers. They give you the control over brightness, you can set the mood according to the gathering and occasion. If you want a casual lighting You can adjust the lighting accordingly, on the flip side if You're in for a romantic night then nothing beats dim chandelier lights coming from a rustic crystal chandelier like Polaris Chandelier large. Chandeliers are all about fitting and height, once You have them in the right place at a the right height, they'll speak for themselves. Do keep in mind the dimension rule and You would never make a wrong choice in case of chandeliers.
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