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Augment the elegance of your bedrooms with lamps

Augment the elegance of your bedrooms with lamps

Adding lamps to your bedroom can add warmth to the overall ambiance. Be it your reading partner when you are cozily tucked in the blanket or as a source of mild glow for shielding against nyctophobia, these fixtures aid you in innumerable ways depending on their radiance, placement and design. Here we will be discussing few of the many bedroom lamp ideas.

Reading companion

The great J.K. Rowling described "reading light" as soft, creamy glow filtering through the lamp's shade in one of her novels and we have no doubt about this description. Pieces like Lampe Gras 201 Architect Lamp - Black Satin/Red Satin deliver just the perfect amount of light you require during your bedtime novel or story reading. Reading is probably the last thing you do before sleeping thus the light should be soft to assist you in the sleeping process. These pieces can also be a source of coziness in cold winter nights. Available in multiple colors, you can select the one that goes with your bed or wall color. Plug-in fixtures such as Arco Floor Lamp can be extremely helpful if there isn't a junction box near your bed or place of bedding.

 It can be moved anywhere. Place it beside your kid's mattress while singing him the soothing lullaby and once he is asleep, bring it near you bedside and read your unfinished novel before dozing off.

Floor lamps for various purposes

Whether it is an over-sized fixture such as Miuu Floor Lamp or a sleek, metallic LED lamp, they can serve different purposes. If you have a home office in your bedroom, these can give you the right amount of illumination for your late night assignments. If your bedroom is small, pieces like P-2718 Miris Floor Lamp with their characteristic arc can make it look larger. Alongside, it also serves as an embellishing piece and a lighting source of course. Moreover, their maneuverability allows you to illuminate different parts of your bedroom: a side sofa, your closet when you are making room for your new shoe collection or a computer table. If placed at a corner, pieces like Kyudo Floor Lamp can distribute luminescence to the floor cabinets on connecting walls. You can easily select your favorite design of floor lamp and match it with the color of your walls, or wallpaper.

Wall lamps for the grandiose aura

 These fixtures are a stylish transition between wall sconce and table lamp. If you place them by your bedside, the side tables can be freed of space to put your books or a decoration piece. Fixtures such as Lampe Gras 304 Wall Lamp - Black Satin come in brassy finish and roped cord which can neatly be assembled behind the bed. If connected by an ON/OFF switch, it can conveniently be used as a bedside switch. They take less space than the wall sconce and have milder light which is ideal for bedtime reading or as romantic lighting for a newlywed couple. It would originate the perfected romantic ambiance when the couple is watching a movie on the plasma screen at night after dinner. There are many other spots for wall lamps. An over-sized, adjustable wall lamp can be used to illuminate your work station. A pair of miniature, slick lamps on each side of a bedroom dressing can develop a royal styling spot. 

 Pieces like Lampe Gras 214 Wall Lamp - Black Satin can also be attached above a wall painting or a hanging decoration piece to increase the focal points in your bedroom. These fixtures are versatile in terms of purpose served. You only have to be smart enough to choose the right one for the said task.

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