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Amp up your backyard tempo with these lighting ideas

Amp up your backyard tempo with these lighting ideas

Backyards are not kept in consideration when constructing a house initially but after an elegant house is built, homeowners feel obliged to supplement the beauty of these spaces because it would not only complement the dignity of the house but account for a unique sitting place as well. Here are some lighting ideas to up the ante of your backyard's grace.

Focus on the walkways

Illuminating the pathways is an easy method of bringing life to your backyard. It gives a sense of order to the place and walking over lighted paths quickly excites up the souls. There are multiple ways of doing it. The general one is to use post or bollard lights. They will illuminate the ground as well as the space above the ground. Fixtures such as Rusty Slot 50 Bollards are reliable options because seldom they encounter running problems.

 A unique way is to use grow-in-the-dark pigments to your building material or paint that makes the walkways shine at night. It actually works on the principle that fluorescent materials shine when light falls on them. There is no need of electrical connections or wires, just mixing the suitable pigments in the mold or paint would do the job but choose the one which is effective and long-lasting.

String lights are versatile

We say they are versatile because they can be placed anywhere. Be it overgrown bushes or a colossal tree, besides an artificial waterfall or at the borders or a pond, they will be effective and pleasing to the eye. Outdoor pendant lighting is a great option for front landscape provided you get it right. It's a good practice to highlight the sides of the sitting place with pieces like Dasar 80 GU10 Outdoor Ground Luminaire because they are available in in all sorts of colors and twinkling combinations. You can also arrange strings of lights over the sitting place but be sure that it has a rain-protection mechanism of some type.

Bring indoor table fixtures outside

It can be anything ranging from a table lamp to pieces like Venus Pin Ground Outdoor Lamp. If you have an electric socket nearby the sitting place, its good otherwise you have to rely on battery-powered fixtures. These will be employed while you are having an outdoor dinner or a late-night tea and placed back inside after done. LED fixtures such as Fil De Fer IP65 (Outdoor) Floor Lamp can also be purchased specifically for the backyard. They can be placed on grass by your feet or on the top of the table to grant a focus point. 

Solar lights for energy efficiency

Either it's the LEDs or solar powered lights that will cut down your electricity bills therefore you need to incorporate them in the backyard wall lights. They will store the solar energy within themselves and convert that to electrical energy when you turn on the switch. Solar lights would only work until there is charge in the battery therefore it would take some time for you to monitor the amount of sunlight required for your lights to work for a specific time period. Modern outdoor lighting is incomplete without a couple of good sconces.

Employ the ponds

 If you have a pond in the backyard, be smart and use it for illumination. Add some waterproof lights underwater and you will be startled by their view at night. Pieces like Drop 4 Outdoor Floor Lamp would look incredible because their yellow color would be reflected by the streaming water and create a magical effect. Why enjoy the pool only at day when you can use it to your advantage at night as well. Outdoor pendant lighting is also a good option for your front yard.

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