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Add sparkle to your display with exhibition lighting

Add sparkle to your display with exhibition lighting

Be it the elegant collection of construction tiles or the exquisite compilation of smart phones, classy assemblage of crockery or the subtle collection of shields in the cabinet of your homes, as long as they are not properly illuminated by exhibition display lighting, they won't feel pleasing to the eye; their value would be deteriorated and could easily be mistaken for something that is ordinary.

Where to Start From

Choose a spot where you want to install your exhibition lighting. After doing this, explore the options according to your product or place. The clothing, for example, would need warmer lighting than the jewelry closet. A rack of glass plates would require a light with little or no glare e.g. pieces like TEC Karda 4 Wall or Ceiling Luminaire whereas the cabinet of smart phones would look stunning under an exceedingly shiny light e.g. pieces like N-TIC Spot 120V Wall or Ceiling Spot Light. Be very sure in your selection as the display lighting can go either way: it can make your display stand out or make it unacceptable wholly. 

Spotlights for picture perfect illumination

Spotlights are dashing fixtures that give a lot of light right where you need it. Many renowned companies avail this option for exhibiting their products to the customers. Their dazzling lights make the exhibition platform look nothing less than a royal palace's lounge. They come in all types of frames: metallic, plastic or composite depending on your choice and the size of your pocket. Fixtures such as Asto 2 Wall or Ceiling Spot Light are attached to the ceiling with adjustable connections to brighten up the best and hide the worst. Ceiling track with more than one spotlights come in to play if your requirement is large. They can throw light at multiple spots at the same time and produces an enchanting ambiance.  Fixtures such as Lima Spot Wall or Ceiling Light are most suitable for these situations. 

Classy LED's and halogens

This is another option to light up your displays. A lot of people are now switching to LEDs as they are energy efficient because they do not dissipate heat and environmental friendly.  A subtle LED light with polished metallic frame shining on the face of your decoration piece will awe-inspire your guests. Not only do they highlight your display but also enhance the modishness of the space around it as well. Pieces like DP 119 LED Spot Light come in elongated, cylindrical stands which provide an altruistic touch to the spot while fixtures such as LED Display Spot Lights are placed under cabinets to create a mild, creamy glowing effect that is very relaxing to the eye. Halogen lights are an option too. They would not fail you anywhere. Let it be the brightening up of your hallways with pictures hanging on the wall or the collection of fluffy cushions at your shop that you wish to make the centre of attraction; pieces like Skeletto Spot Lights will be at your disposal. They come with one disadvantage though: they get hot and you have to switch them off at least 10 minutes before packing. 

Underrated Rope Lighting

These lights are popular among commercial users, as they offer the luxury to be altered into any design and shape: a gleaming star at the roof of your shop or a long glistening rope beside the border of your cabinet containing photo frames. You can choose and select the colors yourself. However, one has to be careful while selecting the perfect combination because if you integrate too many colors in the rope lighting, you lose the prospect of grandeur. It would rather be a pain for the eyes.
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