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5 suggestions for accentuating your garden lighting

5 suggestions for accentuating your garden lighting

Weather outside these days is perfect for hosting outdoor parties and grilling, hence you might be thinking of inviting some friends over to your place. However, before you send out invites, it is important to set the mood in the garden. For that you might need a slight revamp of your garden lighting. Secret of a great garden lighting lies in the subtle details and meticulous placement of such fixtures. Here are few tips which would help you achieve a cozy ambient feel for your garden through outdoor ceiling lights and garden lighting.

Beginning the proceedings with festoons

Outdoor spaces are a real luxury in today's day and age; hence if you are blessed with an open space, you should try and get the most out of it. For the laid back and relaxed feel, you need to play around with festoons, as the little dangling strings of lights lend a magical feel to the environment, which is great for a romantic dinner or even for a get-together with friends. Ideally you would tie both ends of strings to the trees passing right above your dining table, however if that's not the case then you could use couple of polls and tie the strings to these polls. Fixtures such as String Lights Cone Pendant are tailor-made for outdoor landscape lighting and you should use them for your garden sitting area.

Highlighting the center piece

Each garden or an open space has a defining element, this could be a central tree, a bed of bushes or a fountain, since it is the most eye-grasping element of the space, you need to further highlight it with a lighting fixture. In case of a tree you could deploy moon lighting from the top through the fixture Moon Outdoor Wall Sconce, or else you could simply resort to upward lighting through small fixtures such as Nautilus MR16 Stainless Steel Portable Outdoor Luminaire. If it's some sort of a shaded area, you could underscore that with outdoor ceiling lights. If you happen to have a water passage in your garden, then you're in luck as light and water go hand in hand, you should employ fixtures such as Nautilus Par38 Stainless Steel Portable Outdoor Luminaire, to highlight the water passage and if done right it could impart an "elvish garden" feel to your space, making it booth soothing and enchanting. Outdoor haging lights are a great option to ascend a grandpa tree, it will impart a more aesthetic look to the tree and would further complement your overall garden lighting scheme.

Flirting with lanterns

Lanterns confer a rustic feel to your garden, owing to their diverse usage; they are considered a great addition to garden lighting scheme. You could deploy pieces like Roxy 12" Lantern Pendant Light on the pathway leading up to the main sitting area; it could evoke feelings of "stairway to heaven". However, if you like to keep stuff casual then, having a couple of lanterns on the dining table would not be a bad option either. In fact, it would uplift the tempo of the dining room, at the same time imparting a chic feel to the space.

Beef it up with bulkheads

screenshot_2524 Establishing the right balance between ambient and task lighting is the real challenge when the space in question is outdoor. No doubt, pieces like festoons and lanterns are rustic and unique; however there should be something which could make up for these comparatively small sources of light. Bulkheads come up as an automatic choice for gardens, owing to their rustic demeanor; they could be employed on walls and could be used as primary source of task lighting. Pieces like Cubix 1 Flood/Object Light are great for open spaces, however if you want something classic and different then you might fancy something like Nautilus LED 304S Portable Outdoor Luminaire. Moreover outdoor pendant lighting is also a good option for garden parties and get-togethers.
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