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5 Steps to revamp your Landscape Lighting

5 Steps to revamp your Landscape Lighting

When the sun sets below the horizon, the exterior of your house along with the outdoor lawn glistens up but it only happens because of the landscape lighting. This lighting aids you in illuminating the facade, lighting the lawn pathway leading up to the entrance and highlight various other sections of garden during night. Here are 5 easy steps to further improve your landscape lighting.

Establishing goals and setting Focal Points

Start by establishing goals for your landscape lighting. Will your lawn be a consistent venue for family dinners? Do you like a mild or a brightly lit garden? Is the lawn dominated by large or multiple smaller plantations? How can the lighting complement the aesthetics of the house? Once this is done, find the focal points to light up. A large, shady tree can be transformed in to a glistening spot with fixtures such as Rotoball 40 Floor Lamp. A cascading waterfall or a decorative monument at one side has to be illuminated perfectly. Pieces like Wetsy Power LED In-ground Luminaire can dazzle up the paved pathway or a driveway. Note these all down and the most ideal fixtures for each of them. 

Drawing a Plan

Make a drawing of your landscape including the facade. Start with the boundaries of the lawn and house and then add features like plants, pathways, trees and entrance stairs step by step. You can use color coding to differentiate the focal points you set in previous step.

Choosing the perfect lighting fixture

This step is time-consuming so do not get itchy. Different parts of your landscape require a unique set of glow to be properly enhanced. The zigzagging pathway would need vertical pieces like Walk-Over Ground Recessed Light to lend a classic royal touch to your course of evening or night walk. Water features like waterfall or a fountain would need spot lights for proper luminescence.

Pieces like Adjust GU10 Outdoor Ground Luminaire grant an upward radiance which will directly rips across the water. The entrance stairs would require some sort of deck lighting or line lighting, which depends on the space available for the installation of the fixtures. Pieces like CV Spot 120 Flood/Object Light take less amount of space and can conveniently light up the stairs. Wall wash fixtures create a wide array of light and can be installed beside the fence of the lawn or placed suitably to highlight the facade. Indicator or in-ground lights are versatile. They can be placed at the perimeter of the lawn or a fountain, along the edges of a patio, under a tree or by a manicured section of bushes.

Electrical Connections

Now, determine the total wattage of your lighting fixtures and add them up to determine the size of the transformer that you require. Employ the services of an experienced electrician to install the correct gauge and length of wires in between the lighting fixtures. LED lights usually consume less energy but pieces like Nautilus MR16 Stainless Steel Portable Outdoor Luminaire have high wattage and need a wire of smaller gauge. The wires must be properly insulated and installed in a way that caters for maintenance in the future. Leave some extra slots for lighting up any new tree or feature in your garden.

Overview the fixtures at night

Take a stroll at night and overview the glow of each and every fixture. If there seem to be some unnecessary glares or shadows, do the needful. Fixtures such as Cubix 1 Flood/Object Light have shades available if you want. You may also consider changing the orientation of a specific piece to illuminate a hidden patch.

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