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5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to LED Mirrors for your Bathroom

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to LED Mirrors for your Bathroom

Lighted mirrors are a staple for contemporary bathroom setting and since they are well-crafted and highly functional, it is safe to say that the hype behind them is real. An aesthetic LED mirror can be installed anywhere in the house, however they are primarily designed for bathrooms.

Energy Efficient

Backlit mirrors use LED which makes them super energy efficient; hence if you're a supporter of green planet, you must go for one. These LED installed bathroom mirrors use latest technology and hence use very less energy compared to their incandescent light bulb forefathers. If you want to extend the contemporary feel of your bathroom, you might find Backlit Bathroom Lighted Mirror Round 32 X 32 In a great option. Moreover these LED mirrors last around 40,000 hours and hence provide great value for money. 

Adjustable Options

LED mirrors are truly empowering ass they let you set the lumens and temperature as per your desired needs. It also means that LED lit mirrors offer lighting which is closer to natural sunlight. If you want a perfect back lit mirror for your bathroom, you might find Lighted Mirror Galaxy 40 X 40 In a suitable fit. It is not a lavish piece but seamlessly blends into the ambiance and the installed LEDs are also great.

Ample Lighting

Bathroom mirrors with light are ideal for applying makeup, shaving and grooming. If you often feel that because of less light in your bathroom you can't get a proper makeup, well here's a fixture for that. Vanity Wide LED Bath Bar is a great back lit mirror which offers great lighting which keeps makeup and clothes true to its colors, therefore bid farewell to your old fashioned ceiling lights and step into the future with LED bathroom mirrors. 

No Shadows

How many times have you been annoyed with your own lurking shadow in the mirror while applying makeup; all of us have been in this situation and the primary reason behind it is that the ceiling lights are positioned in such a fashion that casts your shadow in the mirror. This however is not the case with LED installed bathroom mirrors; they provide ample illumination and even lighting for your face.

Great makeup and proper shave is deemed impossible without proper lighting and LED mirrors offer you a shot at redemption. If you're looking for a slightly swankier LED lit bathroom mirror option, you should check out the Backlit Mirror Paris 48 X 28 In. It's luxurious design and expensive look would surely soar your bathroom temperature. However if you are into subtle designs, then you won't find a better option than Vanity Slim Vertical LED Mirror Kit. It has a slight retro feel to it, however it is not too loud and would complement a minimalistic bathroom setting. If you are seeking an upscale bathroom mirror design and at the same time you are also concerned with lighting in the setting, LED lit bathroom mirrors are your safest bet. They are available in all sizes and shapes and you get to choose from an entire gamut of designs. Even if you have a couple of side by side vanities installed in your bathroom, still you could avail options like Lighted Mirror Galaxy 24 X 36 In, from the LED bathroom mirror category.


Aesthetics always play a decisive role in bathroom setting and hence ideally you would want a mirror which supplements your bathroom setting. However sometimes it is nice to disrupt the flow with an over the top accessory and this is precisely where pieces like Lighted Mirror Halo 28 X 28 In come into picture. Pieces like this aid in uplifting the tempo of a subdued setting. However one thing which you should keep in mind while choosing a bathroom mirror with lights is that make sure that the mirror has adjustable lighting options.

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