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5 Practical Tips For Landscape Lighting

5 Practical Tips For Landscape Lighting

Growing an exquisite garden with orderly plantations is one thing, enhancing its grace with the help of landscape lighting is completely another ballgame. It takes some doing to execute just the perfect scheme of modern landscape lighting that will not only accommodate for nighttime illumination but make your garden come to life at night as well.

Be wary of specificity

Placing the same type of lighting fixture on the entire landscape can be boring. Don't be afraid to mix them up or if you are, consult a lighting expert to advise you on the best scheme. Fixtures such as Nautilus Spike XL Portable Outdoor Luminaire are most commonly used outdoor lights and although they are nearly perfect for the said purpose, cramming up the lawn with them would be an eyesore. Its better, however to merge combination of pieces like Rotoball 40 Floor Lamp with spotlights to create a more desirable ambiance. They will also reduce your cost for the landscape path lighting. screenshot_2645

Accent the best features

Neither is it advisable to light up each feature of the landscape nor is it a viable option. Doing so will not yield good results but will deprive you of a huge sum of money. You need to highlight the best features of your exterior: it may be an enormous tree or a pebbled flower bed. These come in different colors and styles and can be conveniently used as decorative features in the daylight.

Light up accordingly

There is a light for every place. Employ underwater lights for ponds or pools, bollard lights or path lights for paths and spotlights for task lighting. Make sure to integrate a layered effect in the lighting plan whereby you utilize each type of lighting to create a wholesome effect. You can add waterfall lights to a waterfall or fixtures such as Cubix 1 Flood/Object Light for an upward projection. It will reflect the light from the flowing water and amplify its illumination. Copper moon landscape lighting is a great option for landscape lighting.

For paths, you can be simple by placing bollard lights at specific points across the pathway or add in-ground luminaries which will be costly but very elegant. They are extremely intelligent choices for two reasons: Firstly, they don't incur any hurdle for the passer by as they are fixed within the ground and secondly, weather doesn't hurt them because the wires are bounded within a box which is shielded by the ground.

Keep it moderately bright

Some people carry out the mistake of adding fewer lights with very high intensity to save money. What it does is create large black holes in between the illumination span which is not good for the security. A much sensible option is to go for fixtures that give a larger beam angle but are not very expensive at the same time. It will prevent those black holes from forming which is one of the best places for hiding. Pieces like Adegan Manila SL Floor Lamp will come handy in this regard. 

You need to save energy

Make a plan for landscape path lighting beforehand to choose places which can be the potential points for fixture placement so that more can be obtained from less. There are ways of saving cost on landscape lighting: the first one is to go for LED lights because they are the most energy-efficient lighting options in the market. A second way is to install solar lights which get charged at day and illuminate at night.
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