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4 Must Try Backyard Lighting Ideas

4 Must Try Backyard Lighting Ideas

Backyard is one space of the house which serves as the perfect quiet corner when we seek solitude, however at the same time it is our go-to spot when we have friends around. Regardless of how you are using your backyard, one thing is for sure, that this small area in the house has helped us carve some great memories. If you intend to continue this feat, you've got to shed some attention on backyard lighting. Outdoor lighting for your backyard requires serious thought and you must take climate into consideration as well. Other elements which must be taken into serious account include space, surrounding area and furniture. Once you’ve made up your mind for backyard lighting and have done your due homework, you would need to move on to the next step which is browsing for options, and we would love to share our experience with you in this regard.


If you want to lend a medieval aroma to your backyard, then nothing fits the bill other than lanterns. Lanterns are a great source of light and impart a rustic feel to the setting, which is pretty important for outdoor settings. Tourou Outdoor Semi-Flush is one of those pieces which immediately captures your attention, as it is a perfect blend of vintage and contemporary design. However if you're more of a futuristic design person, then you might find Cappie-On Deluxe Outdoor Lamp as an appropriate option for your backyard lighting. With lanterns you are never short of options and they also are great for setting the mood.

String Lighting

string lighitng One of the simplest outdoor backyard lighting techniques is string lighting, you don't need fancy pieces, just a handful of bulbs would do the trick. However one must not shy away from this technique as it is a great technique for cozy lighting, all you need to do is hang a string from one end to another. However you should use good quality light bulbs, if you really want your lighting to stand out.


If you happen to have natural foliage in your backyard like trees and plants, you could deploy uplighting to create a snug ambiance. It is a great option for large backyards as it allows you illuminate all sections of your backyard. Moreover since you’ve got natural foliage, you could use that to create shadows which would help you create an enchanting environment. Nautilus MR16 Stainless Steel Portable Outdoor Luminaire is a great piece for outdoor backyard lighting, as it has a strong beam which is great for projection. You also have an option of Shenandoah S4 Outdoor Landscape Lamp if you want to illuminate certain sections of your outer wall. slv_707378_a1_rgb

Spheres and Floor Lamps

Right now the spheres and floor lamps are the hottest trends for outdoor backyard lighting, they not only are great light sources but also lend an ethereal feel to the environment. Spheres are great for expansive backyards and you can use them individually too, however most people prefer them in clusters. Sphere SP 30 pendant light is a nice option in this regard and it offer good light too, however if you want something fancy then you must try out a floor lamp. These are not only trendy and modern in design but are also great for uplifting tempo. You should try Stones outdoor lamp 207/208/215, as it is one of those statement pieces that speak for themselves. stones207-04_2

Outdoor backyard lighting is a great chance to flaunt and flex your outdoor space; hence you must not shy away from weighing out all options, as you never know which one would really work out. However it is important to take your backyard size and weather into consideration before you head out for shopping. 

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