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4 Awe-Inspiring Ideas for Living Room Ceiling Lighting

4 Awe-Inspiring Ideas for Living Room Ceiling Lighting

What good is having a deluxe and studded living room if the lighting fails to accentuate the lavishness of your most important space. Lighting is an essential aspect of interior designing and hence its sheer importance cannot be undermined in any setting. Modern ceiling light fixtures have undoubtedly opened new allies of experimentation, when it comes to living room lighting. We have a wide range of options to choose from and hence an ideal living room would have a perfect combination of all sorts of ceiling and hanging lights.

Illuminate Corners

Usually in contemporary styles living rooms, there is a cozy corner with an arm chair; it is one of those spots that we save for our leisure time. A small pendant would really help in illuminating this comfort corner and would also lend an edgy feel to the overall ambiance. A piece like Bruma LED Celling Lamp would be ideal for such setting, as it does not steal the thunder and at the same time it makes its presence felt. 

Flaunt your art

If you happen to have any art work hanging in your living area, then you should flaunt it as no one is going to notice a master piece if it is not in proper lighting. Henceforth it is important for you to deploy appropriate ceiling lighting in areas where you have your art collection on display. Track lighting is another good option and pieces like Focus Ceiling Light, seem to be built for this purpose. If used smartly these could potentially elevate the status of your art pieces. However if you are seeking something extravagant that would actually complement your masterpiece and you want the art piece to be the center of attention in your living room, then you must go with ceiling-mounted accent lights. These lights are meticulously designed to highlight art pieces. Antenna II display lamp is a great option and if you want a slightly elegant design, then you might consider Just a Little Spot Light, this is great for subtle art pieces.

Add Glow to your Living Area

If your living area is devoid of natural light and you are surfing for some contemporary ceiling fixtures, then you might feel that Sexy Crystals Pendant Light - 7/150 is the piece that you were looking for. Its sleek design makes it an ideal candidate for your living room and more importantly it does not come across as a heavy piece, which is great for living rooms. Other overhead sources such as chandeliers could also be utilized for living spaces as they are a great source of light.

Living room must be lit as you would be spending most of you time here, hence try out multiple pieces and use recessed lighting, this not only would aid you on the lighting front but would also impart a much-needed trendy feel to your living room. A piece like TheLight 18 Light Chandelier would be a good option for your living room, if light is the primary purpose. However since it is a contemporary designed piece, it would also complement your overall setting.

Add a Center Piece

Finally, you should top all of this with a nice center piece; ideally you should choose a focal point for your room and then browse for the appropriate center piece. Giogali SP RE 1 Chandelier is a great chandelier for living area, it is not bulky but at the same time it has a nice spread and that would help you illuminate a large radius. If you want a pendant then you might consider Tau 1 Luz Suspension Light, as a worthy option as it has a contemporary design which is nicely paired up with multiple bulbs.

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