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3 Smart Ideas for Lawn Lighting

3 Smart Ideas for Lawn Lighting

A lawn is to house as butter is to bread. This small chunk of space serves multiple purposes: it enhances the versatility of the house and makes it look more spacious. When you want to have a hot steaming mug of coffee with your family, when you want to play with your angelic children on weekends and when you want to plan an opulent birthday party, your lawn is the go-to spot for all such activities. If lawn is adorned with grandiose lighting, your entire experience is lifted by a notch. Today, we will be discussing some ideas for lawn lighting.

Stick to the basics

Lawn lighting springs to life at night, hence night light illumination should be preferred. You also don't want to overcrowd your space with myriad lighting fixtures because everyone likes to roam freely on slightly wet, manicured grass. Miniature fixtures such as Dasar Bullseye AR111 Ground Lamp may come in handy. You would also want versatile lighting scheme which can be scintillating for a birthday party and also meek for a moonlit walk. It is currently one of the hottest trends for outdoor ground lighting. 

Countless options

Ideas for lawn lighting are plenty and should be chosen according to the budget at hand and the space available. Wall lights with adorable frames will light up the array of plants at the same time ensuring no hindrance for your afternoon stroll. Pieces like Oblique LED Floor with Ground Spike give a mild creamy glow while pieces like Linea MR16 Outdoor Ground Luminaire throw a dazzling white sparkle; it all depends on what you choose. Hanging and string lights are other preferred options of contemporary times. This option is certainly useful for romantic dinners inside your homes. Fixtures such as Earth Spike 228960 offer exemplary luminance and are inexpensive as well. Posh lights and landscape kits have evolved over the years to make lawns look delectable. They can be placed within grass or along the paths; both options are appealing. Not only are these spots ideal for clicking pictures but also serve as guides during your night walk. Pieces like Dasar 115 GU10 Outdoor Ground Luminaire are mushroom-shaped which look palatable to the eye while pieces like HL 590 Copper/Opal Acrylic Outdoor Post Lamp come in both traditional and novel shapes.

obl00_3 How can we forget the popular flush mounts and LED lights? These can be placed near your sitting space to make it glow in dark like stars in the dark sky or near an artificial waterfall in the lawn with the light rays bouncing back from the flowing water to create sensational scenery. Energy-efficient fixtures such as Quadrasyl 44 w/Bracket Outdoor Display Luminaire are perfect for these situations.

In ground lights

This type of lawn lighting can be intermixed with other lighting fixtures to create a gorgeous combination. They offer illumination and seldom break because they fit in sleek places. Well lights are stuck to the ground and their upward projection casts a magical glow on the leaves. Pieces like More Outdoor Floor Lamp are most suitable for this purpose. 

They mostly come in rectangular, circular and oval shapes. Spot lights to illuminate a specific part of lawn can be employed as well. An artistic corner of lawn or artificial scenery can be lighted by these fixtures. Deck lighting may be installed as well if you have steps in your lawns. They give a mild light on the base of the steps to make you feel like a queen walking elegantly to her royal palace. Lawn lighting is a vast area of interest and should not be neglected.

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