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3 handy tips for choosing Oversized Lighting Designs

3 handy tips for choosing Oversized Lighting Designs

Over-sized lighting designs are gaining popularity with each passing year. Whether placed to scale evenly with an over-sized room or to create a resolute surrounding in a small room, these designs are guaranteed to cast an aesthetic impact and give a captivating feel to the space. Do not be shy to test these fixtures in your normal sized room; they will add style to it.

Big for the bigger space

The modern living rooms are attached with kitchens without any doors which makes it an open space to utilize. It allows for an uninterrupted traffic flow during gatherings. Adding fixtures such as Niagara chandelier - Large at these spots not only render for luminescence but enhances the charisma of the ongoing activity as well. If you wish to highlight a specific spot like a kitchen table or an L-shaped sofa in the living room, over-sized lighting will be at your disposal. Overhead pieces like Heracleum II Pendant light fill the overhead space along with giving your point of highlight a gleaming focus. There are some helpful tips in this regard. The fixtures should not halt the normal walking zone or offer any glare to create blind spots. Also, the color of the fixture should be coherent with the interior.

Fixtures such as Hope D66/105 Pendant Light are elegant options that impart chic feel to an average looking room but it is only suited to be used with dark color. An undeniably classy option is the large floor lamp with stands at the sides of the sofas. It will make a low-ceiling room look larger and add an illusion of great proportion which is quite handy for small houses.

Augment the sleekness of the dining room

This essential room of your house deserves a dapper look and that can verily be achieved through oversized lighting design. Hanging chandeliers and pendants are the first choices that you should opt for. These are easy paths of accomplishing glamour and charm. Available in awe-inspiring designs, colors and finishes, these fixtures leave an everlasting impression on your guests.

 Pieces like Crown Major Chandelier can be placed in the middle of the dining room to make dinners an experience to remember with its astonishing relaxing luminescence and rustic look. If your flooring is wooden, go for pieces like PH Artichoke pendant light. Specially crafted for originating royal ambiance, this will make your dining experience nothing less than an extravagant destination outing. Semi-flush mounts is the second class you can pick from but is not quite popular yet. Their extended architecture can offer enough illumination for the dining room without the need of any other light source. Alongside, they bring out the unnoticed crafting of the furniture.

Multi-tasked bedrooms

You generally require dim lighting in this part of the house but situations arise when bright lighting becomes a necessity for example doing office work. Hanging fixtures are not safe options for bedrooms because you need only a part of bedroom to be enhanced by spark. Fixtures such as Double Chandelier Chandelier can be placed beside work tables or sofas to grant companionship when you commit towards working instead of resting.

Other floor lamps are available that can easily be adjusted to rotate 360o. These pieces can be moved to all parts of the bedroom and moved back after the specific activity ends. Elegant designs of table lamps are accessible in the market that can fringe the room with a welcoming tone for your guests and be dimmed so that you can doze off you quietly. These multi-tasked fixtures such as Volver LED chandelier are expensive but are surely worth a shot.

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