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Tolomeo Iconic Collection on Sale now!

Tolomeo Iconic Collection on Sale now!

Modern icons by Artemide

We are pleased to announce that we are offering a 25% discount off the reatail price of all Artemide Tolomeo products.Recognized as an icon of Italian design, Tolomeo was designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina in 1987. Awarded with the Compasso D`Oro in 1989.

Tolomeo - with its slim and elegant silhouette and high-end technology - has since become a design classic.
The Tolomeo Collection is an extremely versatile set of luminaires designed to meet diverse lighting needs. Over the years, Tolomeo has dazzled Artemide's sophisticated clientele whom appreciates light conceived as emotion and a source of life. The Tolomeo Collection includes a unique assortment of sizes, finishes, and colors and continues to evolve in design and engineering, while embracing the latest in LED technologies. Over the years, the word Tolomeo has become synonymous with quality and modernity Tolomeo table lamp collection Tolomeo Table represents the perfect blend of magnificent architectural detail and high-end finishing. This fixture can be seamlessly introduced into a variety of settings including bedrooms, office spaces, hotel rooms, or any space where design quality and aesthetics are cherished. The Tolomeo Table Collection includes standing luminaires for adjustable, direct and/or diffused task lighting. Incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED models are available Tolomeo floor lamp collection.

The Tolomeo Floor Collection is the perfect companion for reading while remaining an indispensible source of charm in any room. Hotels, restaurants, retail showrooms, museums, and individual residences have all been enhanced by these exquisite floor lamps. The Tolomeo Floor Collection includes standing luminaires for adjustable, direct, indirect, and/or diffused lighting. Incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, or LED models are available

Tolomeo wall collection

A simple, elegant design and accurate detailing makes Tolomeo Wall a stand out. This set of luminaires is tailored on man and his well-being. They are conceived as a new model of living and enjoyment of light, thanks to the positive influence that light has on the psycho-physical comfort of human beings. The Tolomeo Wall Collection includes wall-mounted luminaires for adjustable, direct, indirect, and/or diffused incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, or LED lighting (lamping, finishes and price)

Tolomeo pendant lights These suspended luminaires are the perfect confluence of elegance and function; an outstanding evolution of the iconic Tolomeo fixture. The off-center suspension has an articulating arm that can be positioned wherever more light is desired. This feature is designed to satisfy the needs of any human being who seeks comfort, brightness and relaxation. In addition, there is an aluminum handle that stays cool to the touch for easy articulation. The Tolomeo Suspension Collection includes suspension mounted luminaires for adjustable, direct, indirect, and/or diffused incandescent or fluorescent lighting Tolomeo outdoor The Tolomeo Outdoor Collection lets anyone bring the classic Tolomeo design and style outside the home. This luminaire demonstrates the result of Artemide’s ongoing research into the quality of the relationship that exists between Man - the protagonist in the creation of his own well-being - his objects and environment. The Tolomeo Outdoor Collection includes a floor standing luminaire, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
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