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Modern Lighting With a Twist: The Ultimate Guide to Tom Dixon Pendants

Modern Lighting With a Twist: The Ultimate Guide to Tom Dixon Pendants

tom dixon pendants


Are you looking to elevate the look of your home in a modern and unique way? Tom Dixon pendants are one-of-a-kind. Their futuristic and minimalistic silhouettes can help you achieve the chic and modern look you desire for any space in your home. 

Even better, these pendant lights vary enough in style to suit modern, glam, and even eclectic interior decoration schemes. 

Read on to learn all about Tom Dixon pendants as well as our buyer's guide on how to choose the best one for your space! 

What is Tom Dixon Lighting? 

Tom Dixon is a British luxury brand established in 2002. Today, they're represented in over 90 countries and are known for their unique materials and pioneering techniques. The founder and the name of the brand, Tom Dixon, is an innovator and self-taught designer who became well-known for his welded and salvaged furniture. 

He brought this pioneering aesthetic into the brand we know today which is well-known for its lighting, accessories, and furniture. The diverse range of pendant lights is known for their futuristic and minimalistic qualities that elevate any home or business. 

The Tom Dixon Pendant

When it comes to shopping for the perfect Tom Dixon pendant light, we recommend taking a look around the space you're considering installing them. For instance, if you're looking for pendant lights that can go above your kitchen island, consider how large they'll need to be.

If you have a beautiful full-length backsplash in the background, you may want to consider smaller pendant lights so that they don't block the view. 

Here are a few of the pendant lights we have on offer: 

Tom Dixon Copper Shade Pendant Light

The Copper Shade Pendant Light is highly reflective and made through a thin layer of metal over a globe. It is 45 cm long and 40 cm in diameter. The light source inside becomes rich and softened because of the shape of the globe around. With a bronze finish, we recommend this pendant light for anyone who's looking for luxurious pendant lights that add warmth and sparkle to a space. 

Tom Dixon Etch Shade Black Pendant Light

The Etch Shade Black Pendant Light is created from aluminum sheets into a geodesic sculpture. Because of its detailed pattern, when lit it creates beautiful shadows and lighting patterns across a room. Because of the quality of light, we recommend this industrial and modern light in bedrooms or sitting areas. 

Tom Dixon Beat Wide Black Pendant Light

This pendant light has a beautiful matte black finish with a gold rim. However, the graceful shape and silhouette are what calls the most attention. Inspired by brass cooking pots and water vessels from India, the Beat Wide Black Pendant Light creates a modern and bold statement. This light can be used in any room of your house, though we feel it's particularly suited for kitchens or dining rooms.

Tom Dixon Beat Fat Brass Pendant Light

The Beat Fat Brass Pendant Light also comes in black. This light was also inspired by traditional vessels in India through its stout shape, tapering top, and elegant curves. The inner shade is highly polished and reflective which increases the quality and warmth of the light inside.  

Tom Dixon Cut Short Pendant Light

If you're looking for a futuristic and modern light for your home, the Cut Short Pendant Light is a good place to start. With a chrome finish and geometric details, this light looks beautiful even turned off as a sculptural element in your home. Turned on, it surpasses expectations by turning into a translucent, kaleidoscopic gem in the air. 

Tom Dixon Plane Round Pendant Light

We love the play of words when it comes to the Plane Round Pendant Light. This light is anything but "plain" as its simplistic form and shape creates a beautiful and elegant silhouette with its brass finish. A soft white sphere is surrounded by a simple plane of brass. The diffused light is perfect for sitting areas or bedrooms. 

Tom Dixon Melt Pendant Light 

With a bronze, glossy finish and a "melted" effect, the Melt Pendant Light makes a statement no matter where you install it. The melted effect is created through the advanced technology of vacuum metallization. The modern form of a metallic sphere is altered into a more eclectic, unique, and organic shape. 

Tom Dixon Etch Web Brass Pendant Light

Created from photo-etched sheets of brass, the Web Brass Pendant Light creates an intricate, delicate, and ornate statement in any home. When it's lit, it's meant to cast irregular and interesting shadows across space. Because of this, we recommend this light in a sitting area or bedroom for a relaxing and unique ambience. Its design truly makes it look like a beautiful, ornate web. 

Beautiful Tom Dixon Pendants 

We hope that our guide has given you a better idea when it comes to Tom Dixon pendants. If you're looking for one-of-a-kind, statement pieces that cast beautiful light across any space, then the Tom Dixon brand may be for you. We especially like that you can choose from a variety of different styles and shapes that are good for modern, eclectic, and glam styled homes. 

Ready to begin shopping for the next best pendant light for your space? Take a look at our modern lighting section to get started! We have plenty of beautiful modern lights to choose from that can suit any space or design aesthetic that you could name.

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