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Brand Spotlight: .MGX by Materialise

Brand Spotlight: .MGX by Materialise

If evolution is the key to progress, then there is progress around us. The Lighting industry has seen its share of progress in two ways. The first way is the evolution of the light. From candles to the incandescent bulb to Hi-Output Low Energy LED's and CFLs. The second way of evolution for the lighting industry has its roots in design and materials. The invention of new materials and manufacturing methods have paved the way for new innovations and new ideas. Materialise, a company that has a history with 3D Printing has expanded into lighting with theirs. MGX by Materialise collection, combining the best of modern and traditional craftsmanship. This has allowed for the creation of products that would not be possible in a conventional manner. We would like to give you a peek of some of the new products in the .MGX by Materialise collection.


You may browse the whole collection of MGX lighting that we carry here.

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