In a few minutes there was, so far as the soldier could see

Tech, Travel

June 10, 2015

Later this shield staggered up on tripod legs and became the first of the fighting-machines I had seen. The gun he...

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Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.

• Oscar Wilde •

Large Gallery – In outer aspect, Pip and Dough-Boy made a match

Featured, Lifestyle

June 8, 2015

I opine, that it is plainly traceable to the first arrival of the Greenland whaling ships in London, more than two...

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Here the old man launched into a disquisition on people and their natures

Desing & Art, Trending

May 20, 2015

Ere this, you must have plainly seen the truth of what I started with—that the Sperm Whale and the Right Whale have...

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I told the story of my adventures, and had explained to him the thought I had in mind.

Featured, Travel

May 18, 2015

It but remains for this council to command, and Tal Hajus must prove his fitness to rule. Were he a brave man he would...

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Bike Davidson Street Rider review

Featured, Reviews, Tech

April 11, 2015

Um-m. So he must. I do deem it now a most meaning thing, that that old Greek, Prometheus, who made men, they say,...

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Lord save me, thinks I, that must be the harpooneer


April 5, 2015

He pays regular, was the rejoinder. But come, it’s getting dreadful late, you had better be turning...

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Supersymmetry from Trent Jaklitsch

Desing & Art, Video

December 4, 2014

Video Credit. After breakfast, instead of working, I decided to walk down towards the common. Under the railway bridge...

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