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Blauet Lighting was established in Spain in 1983 with the principle to provide exquisite light fittings for commercial and residential establishments. Hence the company produces light fittings are not only beautiful but also meet the standards several companies in Europe and North America. The company has always endeavored to research and develop new materials to enhance the aesthetic quality of their products and also meet the changing standards of the different markets the company caters to.

The company also encourages its customers to provide their customizations requests to challenge their manufacturing processes and designers and then excel in providing lighting solutions to the customers that not only match their preferences but exceeds their expectations. The company hence boasts of a wide variety of light fittings to choose from. The company’s portfolio includes wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lights, bath lights and recessed lights.

The Flux collection of the company has been extremely popular with customers and critics alike. The Flux collection is a family of matching lights which includes pendant lights, wall mounted lights, table lamps, floor lamps and bath lights. The lamps of this collection are available in two finishes of black and white though the customer can request finish of his/her own choice. The lamps of this collection have highlighted the beauty of the minimalist. Keeping up with the changing times the company has introduced LED bulb lighting for these lamps. LED bulbs are extremely energy efficient and environment friendly.

The Miramar collection of the company has been equally popular featuring on catalogues ever since it was introduced. The Miramar collection is also a family of matching lights to provide uniformity to the establishment. The collection consists of flush mounted lights, wall mounted lights and recessed lighting. The glass shade of the lamps come with a mirror finish to produce ample amounts of illumination making the lamps perfect to be fitted over workstations in offices or over restaurant tables to highlight the appetizing looks of the food served.

The company regularly features in the events conducted by the interior design industry to showcase their popular collections and judge customer response to their upcoming collections. The company recently adopted the ‘go green’ initiative in front of an applauding audience and introduced latest versions of their previous collections which can be used with LED bulbs.

The company distributes its products through a close network of representatives in Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia and Australia. With nearly three decades of experiences Blauet Lighting is bound to become one of the market leaders of light fittings. The company partners with top designers and design studios regularly to produce collections of light fittings that have left audiences across the world asking for more. The company employs top designers like Joan Teruel, Jonathan Daifuku, and Josep Llusca amongst many others. The company is also well known for its manufacturing techniques to produce uniform high quality light fittings. The manufacturing processes of the company are also updated regularly to accommodate the changing tastes of the customers and customizations requested by customers at a very short notice.