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Astro Lighting

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Astro Lighting - Q&A


Are Astro Lighting fixtures easy to install ?

All Astro Lighting products come with all parts needed for the install. North American models come with the backplates for the junction box + all components to get it fixed to the wall or ceiling.


Are Astro Lighting fixtures UL listed ?

All Astro Lighting fixtures are ETL listed.
Like the UL Mark, the ETL Listed Mark shows that your product has been independently tested by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). Just like the UL mark - ETL Listed Mark is recognized and readily accepted by manufacturers, retailers, distributors and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs).


Where is Astro Lighting located ?

Astro Lighting is located in Harlow , United Kingdom. 
Their North American Headquarter is located in Fairless Hills, PA. 


What is the lead time on Astro Lighting products ?

North American models are in stock for the most part and ship within 1 week from a warehouse in PA. All other models for the rest of the world ship within 2 weeks from a warehouse in Germany.


What are Astro Lightings most popular products ?

Their most popular products are the Riva Wall light, Digit Reading light and the Enna Desk light. 

Is there a video I can watch ?


What is the warranty of Astro Lighting fixtures ?

All Astro Lighting models come with a warranty of one year.