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Alessandro Paulis

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Alessandro Paulis is a completely brilliant Architect. He was born on November 30, 1965, in Italy. His professional and academic experiences allowed him to explore all areas of the “System – Product”, especially those relating to design, function, communication, market and production.

Education: Summer work experience with Mazda R&D in Irvine, California(1998). Package Design course at the Politecnico di Milano (1993). Degree in architecture from the Politecnico di Milano, specialising in Product and Interior Design. Dissertation Title: “Pix-El, Study for an electric and modular micro-vehicle for the city” (developed in conjunction with: CRF – Centro Ricerche Fiat (Fiat Research Centre), Cagiva, CSF – Centro Stile Fiat (Fiat Styling Centre). Final Mark: 100/100 cum Laude (equivalent to First Class honours) ( 1992).  A.T.A. (Italian Automobile Technology Association) Scholarship (1992). Car Design course at the Politecnico di Milano (1991).  Erasmus Scholarship at the Ecole Nationale Supérièure de Création Industrielle (E.N.S.C.I. “Les Atéliers”) in Paris (1990). Environmental Design course at UCLA, Los Angeles, California (1989).

Professional Experience: MARBO Group Italia (Chemical Group).  Study for the new Brand Identity NEC Computers (2007).  Collaborating on various projects for new products. JACOB DELAFON (Manufacturer of bathroom and Kitchen fixtures and brassware) (2007). Collaborating on various projects for new products. IMMERSION (Watches) (2006). Designing new watches ( even for brands such as VESPA and MERCEDES, still in production) and acting as image consultant. MOMO DESIGN (Product Design and Licensing Studio) (2006).  Project manager. Collaborating on various projects for products and interiors. QUATTROCCHIO/ZERODISEGNO (Interior design systems) (1999 to date). Project Manager for the development of new products, from assisting in production, through events planning, to devising marketing strategies (such as the Swatch Collection)and developing new sales networks in Italy and worldwide. MC CANN ERICKSON Milano (Communications Agency) (2001 to date).  Designing and planning the competition “BRANDSFUTURE, the future of global brands”, an on-line competition hosted by designvillage OUTLOOK-ZELCO (accessories for the home and office) (2003). Creating, designing and assisting the development of various products for the home and office. De AGOSTINI (Publishers) (2001 to date).  Graphic design of display panels and of a new editorial collection dedicated to the history of Design. SWATCH (Watches) (2003). Presented various projects in terms of strategy, products and retail. BWA & ALLTECH (Light alloy car wheels for the aftermarket) (2003).  Designing light alloy car wheels and planning the company’s marketing campaign. SPORTLINE (Steering wheels and aftermarket car accessories). (2000 to date).  Designing various car accessories for the Sportline brand. GRANDESIGN (international design event for companies and designers) (2002). Collaborating with the organization of the event. TURI JEWELS (jewellery producer in New York) (1999-2001).Designing an innovative collection for a new brand for the new millennium (including: analisys of the market and trends, sketches, renderings). ERRETI (handles and technology for locks) (2000). Designing the booths for international exhibitions. IMMERSION (watches) (1998-2000).  Designing new watches ( even for brands such as VESPA and MERCEDES, still in production) and acting as image consultant. IVAR (radiator thermostats) (1999). Designing several innovative thermostats for the home. OPOS (international design competition for designers under 35) (2000). The “Clark Cable” design (Outlook-Zelco) is selected for “OPOS – Young designers under 35” at the International Furniture Exhibition in Milan BREIL (watches) (2000).  Designed two concept watches for the year 2010 PEDRINI PPL (kitchen accessories) (2000). Designed kitchen utensils made from thermoplastics MOMO DESIGN (Design and Licensing studio) (1993). Employed as a designer for car accessories, electronic products, technical components and aesthetics parts for BAGLIETTO shipyards, technical clothing, sport tools, footwear, watches, leather goods, glasses and exhibition stands. Also coordinated an image proposal for the American company BREED (1993-1999). Design Director of MomoDesign (1996-1999). Designer for MomoDesign (1993-1995)

Teaching Experience: Tutor at the Politecnico di Milano, Faculty of Design for a workshop with Decathlon (2004-2005). Lecturer in Strategic Design at the Politecnico di Milano, Faculty of Design (2000-2004). Lecturer at University of California, Los Angeles (1993). Lecturer at San Francisco State University (1993).  Lecturer at ISIA in Florence (1993).

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