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Albert Leuchten or Albert Lighting is one of the leading manufacturers and developers of exterior lighting. Established in 1864, Gebrüder Albert gmbh & Co. KG, Albert Lighting is located in Fröndenberg, a non-descript town to the east of Ruhrarea, Germany. They are the proud makers of Made in Germany outdoor lamps relying on their own industry-scale, laser technology equipped, aluminium foundry and a competent workforce.

They rank very high on quality on their priority list. As raw materials, they use very select products which achieve a certain expected quality as well as are environmentally acceptable. Those materials not produced by them like glasses, electronic parts, are obtained from renowned German and European companies. All finished products are checked by highly qualified technicians for quality assurance.

The design philosophies of their Lighting are purely innovative and research-based. The design parameters are thus variable with market demands and are set according to priority of customers. Free from conventional shackles, specialists can thus adapt their designs for any purpose and structure. This flexibility to attune to the client’s need makes their Lighting unique in their field. The ability to modify their designs so easily as well to maintain a high rate of first-class products reflects on their Lighting’s efficient planning team. Competent production methods and able employees ensure reasonable pricing of their products.

Wall lights, floor lamps, recessed ceiling lighting, columns luminaires, bollards, floodlights, in-ground floodlights, LED lamps, classic lamps and many other outdoor luminaires are their forte. Additionally they also specializes in Garden Lighting with numerous mobile and stationary lamps. Their garage and carport lights are widely used for illumination of paths and steps. Path lighting is achieved with mounted or free column lights. A major area of their expertise is floodlighting for advertisements, greenery, artwork, buildings, lawns-you name it. Lamps with motion detectors are manufactured by them which can be effectively used for security purposes.

They are a leader when it comes to planning out lighting installations and illumination concepts. They devise their lighting scheme by taking into account all details and aesthetic requirements.

Safety is an issue that they take very seriously. Manufacture of all catalogued products satisfies the European safety regulations EN 60598 / VDE 6711. They also produce a series of Quality Luminaires with greater longevity, high intensity and higher degree of protection. The luminaires are suitable for tungsten-halogen lamps, metal halide lamps, incandescent lamps, energy saving and compact fluorescent lights.

Their products are made from highly skilled employees and men with vision. As a result, unlike most big enterprises, which prides itself in being able to modify their design and products to suit individual needs. The company essentially looks into the personal requirements and tastes of the client and thus ranks high on customer satisfaction. Combined with this, their products are priced reasonably, attracting a huge but refined clientele. The after-sales service is appreciated highly by clients from Germany and abroad.