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Serge Conus

Spruce up for spring with these LED fixtures

Now that winter is over, it’s time to finally embrace spring for something new and exciting. Today we would like to talk a bit about LED lighting and some of our favorite LED Lighting fixtures. There are many benefits to replacing your old incandescent lamps with LED lamps. LED lamps are eco-friendly, they use a fraction of the energy used by incandescents. LED bulbs have a very long lifecycle, LED bulbs are resistant to shocks.

Take a look at some of our favorite fixtures that use LED lighting. 

Fontana 48 LED Chandelier

9622 Low Voltage LED Pendant

Da Vinci 360 LED Chandelier

Falling Water 6 Suspension Light

WA WA LED Ceiling Light

Pendora LED Floor Lamp

Nimbus Modul Q

Falling Star Ceiling Light

Tolomeo Classic LED Floor Lamp

PK LED Terra Gigante Floor Lamp

We hope you enjoyed our selection of LED Lighting fixtures.


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