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Daniela Tuturas
Written by Daniela Tuturas

            In order to enjoy summer evenings properly, if you own a house it is a must to have a great furbished patio. First, according to the architecture of the house, the interior decorating and the space you have for a patio you have to choose the style that suits it best.

            As an exhaustive presentation of the available styles in which you can furbish your patio would be too much, just two styles will be presented and the lighting ideas that match them.

          Rustic and natural decorated patios

          Nothing suits more a patio or any outdoor space than the furniture made out of natural wood, not excessively polished wood, even rough pieces as they were cut out of the forest and just put together in furniture elements. The materials that match perfectly this style are cotton, hemp and jute, as they are not too processed and just rough enough.

outdoor floor lamp


Choosing the lighting pieces that match a rustic style might be tricky. First you have to take into consideration the fact that such a style cannot be mixed with modern, or minimalist lighting elements.

As the main idea of decorating in a rustic and natural style is based on a “back to nature” trend, the lighting should not be very bright, just enough to see the others but not so strong as to bother your eyes.

You can take your pick between floor lamps, pendant lights or wall scones as long as the lampshades are not made of see-through materials. The lampshades could be made of hemp, jute or even cotton sustained by wooden or even metallic structures.

          Modern and minimalist decorated patios

          Simple, clear lines, well polished textures, silky fibres, these are the main aspects that have to be taken into consideration when choosing to decorate in a modern and minimalist style, not only regarding the furniture but also regarding the accessories.


Tiny floor lamp by Alma Light

          The minimalist and modern trends, allow the owner to choose between bright or discreet light and white or colored light.

          Lately, footpath lights are so in, that you can find them in almost every patio. In this area there are so many products you can choose from, starting with beams placed on the right and left side of the footpath and ending with tiny modern, metallic lamps.

          Floor lamps and light pendants with metallic structure are suitable for this decorating style. Important is also the fact that most of the lighting pieces use white bright light.

          Very popular are wall lights as well, and the range from which you can choose varies not only in the shape section but also in the color section.

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