Modern Lighting Brands for Creating The Perfect Lighting Solution

foscarini super big bang chandelier
Ingo Schaer
Written by Ingo Schaer

When designing a home lighting solution, you will run across many different types of lighting; up lighting, down lighting, architectural lighting, under the cabinet lighting, sconces, pendants, chandeliers, and track lighting. Each of these choices help to create a feel and a style that goes hand in hand with the type of design that you have chosen to style your house.

Many people are interested in creating that modern look. In addition to furniture, artwork and rugs, you will need to consider which modern lighting fixtures to use. When it comes to modern lighting design there are very specific types of fixtures and colors of lighting sources that you will need to create that special look. Furthermore, there are many modern lighting brands that specialize in creating the perfect modern look for your home.

Some of our more popular brands of modern lighting are;

AKARI Design
AKARI Design is one of the modern lighting brands that really takes pride in creating stand alone light fixtures that have clean lines and a modern feel. This brand will accent any surface area in your modern home that you wish to illuminate with a lighting solution.

akari modern lighting lamps

Akari Modern Lighting Lamps

ALMA Light
ALMA is a modern lighting brand that owns the market in creative modern lighting wall fixtures. If you need lighting in the hall or on the walls of specific rooms in your modern home, then this is the brand that will provide a solution for that lighting challenge.

almalight modern pendant light

AlmaLight Modern Pendant Lighting

almalight modern ceiling light fixtures

AlmaLight modern ceiling light fixtures

Foscarini is a modern lighting brand that creates sleek and stylish design lighting. This brand will have every room in your house looking unique, fresh and desirable. Many designs are handcrafted and made of blown glass shades.

foscarini super big bang chandelier

Foscarini Super Big Bang Chandelier

foscarini wave suspension light

Foscarini Wave Suspension Light

foscarini fields wall sconce

Foscarini Fields Wall Sconce

Anthologie Quartett
Anthologie Quartett is a modern lighting brand that takes a unique spin on the style of the modern home design. Not only do they provide excellent and special modern lighting solutions; they also add their own flare. If you are looking to create a one of a kind modern look for your home then this is the exclusive brand to trust. You will find pieces that you have never seen in any other home that will provide beautiful lighting to the areas that you see fit.

modern faruno pendant light

Anthologie Faruno Pendant light

Anthologie Illustri pendant and floor lighting

Anthologie Illustri pendant and floor lighting

If you need to create aunique modern lighting solutionthat still fits within the guidelines of your modern design, has many solutions that should fit your needs.

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