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Ingo Schaer
Written by Ingo Schaer

Market-your-store-with-ideal-retail-store-lightingDo you want to attract more footfall into your store? Of course you do. The power of lighting can help you achieve it. Having great quality goods and fantastic offers will help, of course, but if nobody steps inside to see them then your efforts are wasted.
Here are five reasons why lighting is so important for a successful store:
It defines the overall image of your store
Are your goods placed randomly around your store? Then your lighting shouldn’t be either. Accent lighting can create an impact for high end goods, and create a luxurious atmosphere that shoppers will love.
It draws attention to your products
Your lighting shouldn’t be concentrated on the aisles or the counter, it needs to be picking out the fantastic items that you have on sale.
It visually enhances your products
Things look fresher and better when they’re brightly illuminated. Cutting back on lighting is a false economy for any store. Don’t make your customers have to get up close before they found out what’s on sale.
It creates a pleasant shopping atmosphere
Many stores use music to relax or enliven their customers. Lighting can have just as much effect on the way we feel and behave. Different colored lighting in different areas of your store can create an exciting ambiance that shoppers love.
It attracts people into your store
Once people are in your store, your goods and sales team can entice them to buy. How do you get them inside? Make sure your windows are well illuminated. Brightly lit windows will make you stand out from competitors. Moths are attracted to bright lights, shoppers react in much the same way. You’re proud of the products and prices you have, light them up so all the world can see.
Finally, don’t forget to light up your cases and shelving. Dim display cases are easily overlooked, but the use of accent lighting can transform them into a highly attractive marketing tool. Talk to the experts at Interior Deluxe, we love to help commercial customers and stores show off their goods in a whole new light.


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