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Anta belongs to the leading manufacturers of fine modern lighting products – based in Schenefeld, Germany (near Hamburg). Their products range consists of sleek and stylish light fittings that feature the newest technology available today. Many of their products come with LED or have an LED option. has asked Mr. Kracht about Anta’s performance and current product developments.


Kristian Kracht – CEO of Anta

Interior Deluxe – How does Anta set itself apart from other brands?

Kristian Kracht – We condensed our design into clear shapes and emphasize the important parts. The technology should be unobtrusive but useful. The surface of our lamps is an important quality feature. Anta develops, manufactures and sells its products
with great care and distributes them internationally.

ID –  What are your current top sellers?

KK: Our best sellers are still the classic CUT, AFRA which were revived with the LED technology, TENDER and TIESO TENDER. Our newest top seller is the FARO lamp.


CUT Floor Lamp


AFRA Floor Lamp


Faro LED


Tieso Tender

ID: How did your line-up change since the takeover and which new developments have started?
KK: Our first task was to fit our existing products with LED technology. We decided to use LEDs which work at 2700 kelvin because it prevents cold and color changing light. Our design, of course, will stay timeless. We have delayed the development of new products for quality and research purposes and therefore we will not publish any new products in 2014 but you can look forward to new and exciting designs in 2015. Our FARO LED uplight with 92 watts at about 6800 lumen shows were we want to be in the future. Not mainstream but in the vanguard.

ID: With which designers does Anta work?

KK: We trust our seasoned designers Rolf Heide, Jörg Zeidler, Carsten Gollnick and Andreas Ostwald who have been with us for over 25 years but we occasionally give new and young designers chances to prove themselves. One of our new products has been designed by a promising newcomer and we look forward to have it in production in 2015.

Tender LED Pendant light

Tender LED Pendant light

ID: Did the customer’s focus on design and energy efficiency change your products?

KK: For the design we trust our designers because there is not one “perfect” design. As soon as the designer submits his first draft we try to optimize it with him. The technology in the product is becoming more and more important these days and we value the user friendliness of our products. As one example I would like to mention the touch dimmer directly at the light source of our reading lamps which adds a lot of user friendliness to the product. Brightness and energy efficiency have been becoming more and more integrated too. The LED light source has advantages in comparison with traditional lamps and is easier to integrate into delicate designs and has a much higher energy efficiency. The one drawback is, of course, that it can change the color reproduction but this is probably not much of a problem as everyone perceives color differently. Our customer’s needs, the design and the technology are combined into one foundation from which we draw our inspiration and improve our product.

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