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How to Find the Best Desk Lamp for Your Needs

Ingo Schaer
Written by Ingo Schaer

Of course, table lamps are mostly sought for a purpose, be it working, studying, etc. However, there are many who find buying one a separate function, i.e. the way it enhances the aesthetics of their workplace.

Some of the factors that you may need to consider with respect to their lighting, styles, sizes, and finishes can include your activities in that space and the décor of your room. Even as you look for quality over appearance, make sure it complements your (modern) setting. Also, while age may play an important role in deciding the amount of light you need – the amount increasing with increasing age – the glare should be controlled too for reducing possible risk of headaches and eyestrain.

Desk lamps help you keep your focus and improve productivity. The variety available now caters to every person’s needs in all sorts of rooms, be it the bedroom, study room, or the office.

What are the energy saving options with table lamps?

Interior-Deluxe: Whether it’s for the monetary reasons or the environmental ones, energy-efficient lamp models are now being specially designed in greater numbers to meet the consumer demand. Without compromising on either task or the general lighting purposes, they have proved beneficial for the reduced energy consumption.

ImageLED desk lamps are the most eco-friendly when compared to the halogen, incandescent and florescent bulbs. LEDs make use of about 1/5th of the total energy that a halogen lamp consumes. With a possibility of not having to change the bulb or accidently burning yourself when it’s turned on, it is a convenient option to choose from. What’s more, task lighting with LED desk lamps can be turned more effective through its greater variety of color temperature and CRI. And the unique modern designs in LED desk lamps mean you do not have to compromise on the aesthetics either for better quality.

On the other hand, the halogen lamps, providing you with brisk and bright lighting, make excellent choices for task besides the general lighting ability. The most commonly used incandescent bulbs also reduce glare and shadow formation in their uniform light spread. One disadvantage to using them is their short lifespan, and the fact that they are more suited to ambient than task lighting. The third option, fluorescent lamps, is brighter than even incandescent light bulbs. Its drawbacks are that it’s expensive and needs a warm up time before producing optimal light output.

One another option to test out is the full-spectrum lamp. Imitating the natural sunlight, they have been designed to support the maximum energy output for all kinds of task lighting applications.

The lifespan of each bulb is a factor that you cannot afford to miss. LEDs, on average, have a life of about 50,000 hours; both fluorescent and full-spectrum can work up to 10,000 hours; the halogens come with a 1000-2000 hour lifespan. They are followed by the incandescent lamps in the end having a relatively short life of about 200-1200 hours.

ImagePlease guide me on the adjustability features that I can use to add versatility to my place.

ID: It is important to know the type of table lamp you are currently using or are inclined to use in future. Since a neck desk lamp is engineered for both the task and ambient lighting, the height settings can be varied under your control to have the light either diffused or focused. Their neck is made flexible to point out the light in exactly the same direction where it’s needed. A lamp is considered best if it is able to bring the light towards your work rather than have you move your materials towards it. Also, you can have it positioned in a manner that does not affect your dominant side, i.e. for a left-handed person, the light should be coming from their right side and vice versa to prevent shadows on the work.

Next, you can add the 3-way switch or dimmer in order to vary the light intensity. This helps when you need it bright for examining something in detail. Plus, it avoids spreading stray light off into all directions in the room while you continue with other activities.

Choose a lamp that has an attached magnifier so that you can zoom in simultaneously on details without having to worry about the lighting.

Another adjustability feature that has been most useful with respect to these desk lamps is their clamp or clip base. That way they can ensure that it is above your head, not in your eyes and still manages to get you enough light to cover the work area on your desk.

What about using table lamps for making statements? What factors do I need to focus upon?

ID: Personal preferences, the kind of room, and the accessories that are there beside them influence the color schemes, the styles, and the lamp quantity. But, you can consider the following points for the ambience and the mood setting of your place.

For one, there should be a combination of lighting. Each has its own value. Lamps, in particular, are interesting since they allow one to play with abstraction, color, and shine. ImageHave your lights placed appropriately to complement the room structure. In a large setting, generally any medium to large lamps are preferred. If the arrangement does not have an electrical outlet next to your lamp already, invest in one. Lamp cords in plain view look unsightly.

Rooms can turn out to be gorgeous if you know how to style them without overdoing it. Who knows, a few mismatch of items and colors may work best for your lifestyle when they are unable to do so for another. Add layers this way. You should make certain that neither the light bulb socket nor even the neck of the light bulb is visible from a seated or a standing spot. The height in most cases does not matter when they are elegantly designed. Make sure that the shade you get for it saves everyone from the extra glare. Keep a note of the fabrics of these lampshades as well since they affect the light element and tend to have their individual cleaning needs too.

To have the luxury that some stunning rooms generally exude, it is not important that you have to copy a similar approach. Mix lighting styles and you may be astonish to find that everything works seamlessly. For your desired lighting scheme, you can go along with lamps that share shades even though their bases are different. Be careful to not make them look out of the place by being too formal or traditional for example.

If you have any questions left unanswered by this article, mail them to us so that our experts can help guide you further.

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Ingo Schaer

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  • This is an excellent and one of the most useful article on buying the Best desk lamps.

    The most obvious use for a desk lamp is for practical task lighting – that is, because i need to light up a specific area so that you can see what you’re reading or typing (or, if you’re retro, writing with a pen).

    But if you’re more into the interior design side of things, desk lamps can be used for accent lighting or ambient lighting in the composition of a room. I love Your Ideas.

    The taller the lamp the more desk area it will light up, so work out how much space you need to illuminate and make sure the lamp has a stand with enough height. If you’ve got a huge desk I’ll need a tall lamp – and perhaps one with a long adjustable stand that can reach across the surface.Desk lamps come in all sorts of interesting and contemporary styles – classic, industrial, retro, modern – so you’ll have no trouble finding something that blends with the rest of your décor, and becomes a design feature in itself, even if you never do a stroke of work at your desk.

    Useful for both ambient and task lighting, the ability to adjust the focus of your lamp adds value and versatility. Some adjustable lamps have variable height settings, allowing you to control whether the light is sharper or more diffuse, while others have necks made with a flexible design, which enables you to point the beam exactly where it’s needed most from project to project. You are creative.

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