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How to decorate your bathroom using lighting fixtures

Ingo Schaer
Written by Ingo Schaer

Many homeowners struggle with how to provide flattering lighting that is functional and stylish

If you’ve ever felt confused about how to appropriately light your bathroom, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Many homeowners struggle with how to provide flattering lighting that is functional and stylish.

If visiting a lighting outlet in person or online is too intimidating, have someone like a lighting designer do the work for you. He or she will examine your bathroom and assess how much light should be used and what styles would fit best within your current design scheme.

If you are starting from scratch and remodeling your entire bathroom, considering the following: a bathroom should have four types of light. For an everyday type of light that can be used for dailytasks, such as applying makeup and shaving, interior decorators recommend a pair of fixtures attached on the wall above the sink.

The second type of light needed in a bathroom is ambient light, which provides a warm glow and is very flattering (it can supposedly take 10 years off a person’s appearance). Creating ambient light involves bouncing the light off the cieling.

The third type of light every bathroom should have is accent lighting. Accent light allows you to highlight the pretty features of your bathroom, like a framed picture or that clawfoot tub that most likely was a very expensive purchase.

Finally, consider installing decorative lighting into your bathroom decorating scheme. This “architectural jewelery” can tie all the lighting in your bathroom together. Many people choose to add modern ceiling fixtures, which can add a personal touch without being too tacky or gaudy.

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