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How to Choose a Modern Chandelier

Ingo Schaer
Written by Ingo Schaer

The lighting of your place represents your taste. A lighting fixture in an entryway or centrally
located in your room becomes a focal point for your guests. When it comes to large attention-grabbing lighting options, chandeliers take the cake. Modernizing this traditional way of adding something completely unique to your house, you get to select from a large variety of chandelier parts and lamp shades. Whether you wish to have one in contrast or to match it, they will coordinate with your style of lighting design.

With or without crystals, faux candlesticks, shades, metal adornments, chandelier finishes range from bronze, crystal, art glass, brass, painted, sating nickel, and wrought iron. Your sophisticated taste is reflected in the way you decide on some key elements of your chandelier. Apart from its location in your place
crown-major-gold-4, the general décor and geometric shape of the place, you have to focus on the purpose it has to serve (complementing or balancing the design) and likewise the material, color, size, and shape to feature in it. However, since it is your personal ornamental jewel, keep looking until you find the best one. You don’t want to end up with one that is too out of place or one that is overpowering it, especially the thing it suspends over.

One trick that works with most of any rooms is to get a total of the dimensions of the room. The result will be the proper size of the chandelier’s diameter. If the ceilings are high, a larger fixture should be preferred hung at least 7 inches above the floor, and if there are windows around, it should be placed in a way that it’s visible from outside.

How can I ensure my chandelier works with the rest of the décor in my room?

Interior-Deluxe: This is a most common problem most people face when in the market for a chandelier. You don’t want to be too picky, yet cannot help but think about how the chandelier will work with your pendants, sconces, ceiling fans etc. In cases where you do not have access to a one-stop shop, one popular technique is to try cohesion with chrome and stainless finish. Further, you can also find different color options for both the shades and glass of your fixtures so if you select one in red, cobalt, amber, or white, I believe you’ll have no difficulty in having a color scheme to suit your needs.

ImageAnother way you can approach this is to observe their shapes and shades. Try and be a little more creative at this. That is, they will work great if they are more “similar” and not exact copies of each other. While fabric shades will each have their own distinctive textures, glass shades, too, are available in different opacity. Cables can be the defining characteristics as well.

What features of a chandelier should I focus upon to make it work perfectly in my dining room?

ID: Whether it is a formal or an informal dining area, you want a sophisticated look and a comfortable atmosphere. The problem ensues when the lighting is all wrong and the ambience you had wished for is not created.

ImageA modern chandelier in an old Georgian-style architectural setup can make it look fresh and welcoming. But, such excitement usually tends to be short-lived since it does not match the home’s aura and style. Secondly, even though you should have enough space beneath the fixture to have a tall centerpiece at the table (if you like) and more specifically enable you to view your companions, the chandelier should never be hung too high up to diminish its value. The ideal difference can be approximately 30 inches.

Secondly, it is essential that you remember that a chandelier is not your only source of lighting. Based on your individual needs, you most likely will be having some sort of recessed lights, may be even perimeter lighting or candles. Therefore, you should go for a dimmer switch to control the intensity of the light.

ImageThird, in spite of the fact that bigger chandeliers should be opted for a large room, if what you have is a piece small in size yet extremely ornate, you can have it dangling over your dining table wonderfully. You can even use them as sculptures. Although, obviously you’ll still want one that works with your table’s size and shape, i.e. one that is approximately one-third of the table’s width. Plus, make it a hundred percent surety that it is over the center of your table even if that table is placed slightly off-center in the room.

Finally, in terms of style, watch out for the latest trends. While a crystal one is wonderful for a Victorian place, a warm brass one for a silver-trimming dominated room, people are increasingly trying for a mix-match style. At the moment though, the French-style as well as the fancier, all-glass chandeliers are the most popular.

I find it difficult differentiating between chandelier styles. Please help.

ID: The various lighting styles can be divided into the following categories:

French (shimmering, crystals, elegant, Bobeche, Venetian glass,)

Lodge (weathered finishes, pot rack, antler, wagon wheel, wrought iron)

Art Deco or Transitional (modern, shiny, sleek, art glass, polished nickel or chrome)

Traditional (waterfall, candlestick, faceted crystals, tiered, wrought iron)

Whimsical (themed, unusual shapes, sculpted metal)

Tropical (exotic, rattan, bamboo, wood)

Mission (casual, simple, wood, wrought iron)

Tiffany (metal, stained glass)

Cottage or Country (metal floral, distressed, painted finishes, milk glass, tinted glass, wrought iron)

ImageOne thing I’ve noticed is how people are coming to use chandeliers in their powder rooms as well. How does that work?

ID: Chandeliers are not restricted to foyers and dining rooms anymore. Bringing their charm to other parts of the home, sparkling interest, bringing warmth and colorful lighting, they are now designed to be multipurpose. While some people are using tiny ones to have a little elegance, a newfound manner to reveal intimacy, others still are coming to treat their master bedrooms more like luxurious personal suites and so it is unsurprising to find elaborated chandeliers in their bathrooms.

You have to be right in terms of choosing the light bulbs for the pleasant glow, in consideration with the weight of the chandelier, mixing materials and styles to have them staged properly.

Now that these beautiful pieces are easily affordable, it is not difficult to find a room that would work big with a chandelier. However, not every chandelier can look good and fit in there. Ask our experts to help you deal with any troubles you are facing to buy the right one.

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