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239 Chandelier

Product No: 015823

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Product Details:

The 239 Chandelier has been designed and made by Italamp. 239 Chandelier is a contemporary lamp made of crystal, glass, Swarovski Elements and metal. This modern lamp is an impresive presence in any kind of room, small or large, home or commercial environments. The lamp consists of a metal structure which sustains its body in transparent glass and gold finishes, or in teak colored body with iron grey finishes with Swarovski golden teak or Swarovski elements. The 239 Chandelier is available in four versions with 10, 12, 15 or 24 candles arranged on one or two levels and with two details models. The 239 Chandelier has a diffused light, is dimmable and when is turned on the lamp diffuses a parade of light with bright personality. Illumination is provided by E12, 40W Halogen, 8W Energy Saving, or 4W LED bulb (not included).


Made in:

Extra Small: 239/10: Diameter: 39.4"(100.1cm) X Height: 43.4"(110.2cm)

Small: 239/8+4: Diameter: 39.4"(100.1cm) X Height: 43.4"(110.2cm)

Medium: 239/10+5: Diameter: 39.4"(100.1cm) X Height: 43.4"(110.2cm)
Large: 239/12+6: Diameter: 39.4"(100.1cm) X Height: 43.4"(110.2cm) 

Extralarge: 239/12+12: Diameter: 39.4"(100.1cm) X Height: 43.4"(110.2cm)
XX Large: 239/16+16: Diameter:56"(142.2cm) X Height:52"(132cm)
Lamp A: 239/16+16+12+12+8: Diameter:79"(200.7cm) X Height: 107"(271.8cm) 

Light bulb:

Extra Small: 239/10: E12, 10x40W Halogen / 10x8W Energy Saving / 10x4W LED bulb (not included)

Small: 239/8+4: E12, 12x40W Halogen / 12x8W Energy Saving / 12x4W LED bulb (not included)

Medium: 239/10+5: E12, 15x40W Halogen / 15x8W Energy Saving / 15x4W LED bulb (not included)
Large: 239/12+6: E12, 18x40W Halogen / 18x8W Energy Saving / 18x4W LED bulb (not included) 

Extralarge: 239/12+12: E12, 24x40W Halogen / 24x8W Energy Saving / 24x4W LED bulb (not included)
XX Large: 239/16+16: E12, 32x40W Halogen / 32x8W Energy Saving / 32x4W LED bulb (not included)
Lamp A: 239/16+16+12+12+8: E12, 64x40W Halogen / 64x8W Energy Saving / 64x4W LED bulb (not included) 

Crystal, Glass, Swarovski Elements, Metal
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