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Emiliana Martinelli

“Design often stems from the little, important needs of life". Emiliana Martinelli is chairwoman of Martinelli Luce as well as designer and art director in charge of graphics, communications and materials. She often finds inspiration in nature and geometric shapes as well as shadows.

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Tips + Ideas

  • Choosing the perfect chandelier for Living Room

    Choosing the perfect chandelier for Living Room

    All of us have had our fair share of fixation with chandeliers; there is something about these vintage themed lighting pieces, which attracts us towards them. All these years and they still remain the most sought after lighting fixtures of...

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  • How to Light Up Your Stairway Properly

    How to Light Up Your Stairway Properly

    Staircases are a permanent feature of houses and sometimes in terms of lighting, they remain strictly neglected. There is a misconception regarding these architectural pieces of art that they cannot be illuminated properly, usually a fixture or two are installed...

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  • Awesome Wall Lighting Tips

    Awesome Wall Lighting Tips

    Walled lighting is ideally installed during the initial lighting layout of the room, however if you want to redo your bedroom then too, pendants, walls sconces, and adjustable wall lamps can be added. However, there is a small catch; these...

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