Spruce up for spring with these LED fixtures

Now that winter is over, it’s time to finally embrace spring for something new and exciting. Today we would like to talk a bit about LED lighting and some of our favorite LED Lighting fixtures. There are many benefits to replacing your old incandescent lamps with LED lamps. LED lamps are eco-friendly, they use a fraction of the energy used by incandescents. LED bulbs have a very long lifecycle, LED bulbs are resistant to shocks.

Take a look at some of our favorite fixtures that use LED lighting. 

Fontana 48 LED Chandelier

9622 Low Voltage LED Pendant

Da Vinci 360 LED Chandelier

Falling Water 6 Suspension Light

WA WA LED Ceiling Light

Pendora LED Floor Lamp

Nimbus Modul Q

Falling Star Ceiling Light

Tolomeo Classic LED Floor Lamp

PK LED Terra Gigante Floor Lamp

We hope you enjoyed our selection of LED Lighting fixtures.