20 Modern Wall Sconces that Wow
Igu Wall Up-Down mit Rauchglas

We have hundreds of modern wall sconces but these are 20 wall sconces that will wow you! Following are the… continue Reading ››
Top 10 Favorite Wall Sconces
Confusione P75

With a vast array of product offerings it is hard not to develop a few favorites and much like a… continue Reading ››
Form Follows Function In Modern Lighting
Crown Major Suspension

When you think of modern art chances are good that a lighting fixture is not the first thing to come… continue Reading ››
Soup to Nuts! Creative Kitchen Lighting!
Can it & get illuminated!

It’s still summer! Want a great recipe for a light meal? Today’s lighting designers are cookin’! Gather family and… continue Reading ››
How’s it Hanging? Measuring for Proper Light
Wall jewelry from Schonbek/Geometrix. The Vertex wall sconce - wear it well!

Sometimes it’s hard to hang stuff… especially light fixtures! You’ve put on your overalls and found the drill. You’ve got… continue Reading ››
Wood: The Clean, Contemporary Lighting Material
Light and the texture of wood combine for a total design scape

Textural, warm and transitional, wood is a preferred lighting material for Fall/Winter 2012. Cozy this season’s coming chill with the… continue Reading ››
Lights that Line Penny Lane – Retro Lighting’s Appeal
Hip, bold colors are contemporary again. Get retro and skip down Penny Lane!

The Beatles sang: In Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs … Of every head he’s had the pleasure… continue Reading ››
ALIEN to Design? Find out what’s FUNKY in lighting!
Alien invasion or modern lighting? Check it out!

Imagine if you will … lighting from the galaxies! Let foreign creatures of love shine down on you. See their… continue Reading ››
Nice Day for a White Wedding! Marry Light with White!
Miami wall sconce

Do you live in Miami where décor is clean and contemporary? Or maybe Aspen, where furnishings invite the woods and… continue Reading ››
Need a Stage Hand? Light Your Home to Sell Fast!
Key outdoor lighting for home staging.

In today’s economy, selling a home quickly at the right price is challenging to say the least. Make a grand… continue Reading ››
Gregg Lighting Styles: Life and Purity Formed of Glass
Greg pendant from Foscarini

Lighting with reference to our environment is “organic, elegant and familiar”, thus the appeal. The top selling Gregg hanging lamp,… continue Reading ››
Bedside Manor: Lighting to Sleep By
Lighting for your beside manor

Each evening as you settle in to rest or read, what lamps your peace and reprieve? In the Shadow of… continue Reading ››