Daniela Tuturas

The first thing people need to acknowledge regarding dressing rooms is that this space is as important as any other room in the house. The reasons that make the above statement true are various, starting with the fact that the dressing room is where you store all your clothes, shoes and accessories and ending with the fact that here you make most of the choices for the day that is about to start or end.


Light Accents for Dressing Rooms

When it comes to choosing the suitable furniture for a dressing room it’s all about functionality, space, storage but you can not and should not neglect quality.


According to how much space the room offers you, the furniture has to be chosen. In my view, a perfect dressing room should be at least 4 meters wide and 5 meters long, in order for all the storage furniture required to fit the room and a lounge sofa or two armchairs and a coffee table to be set in the center of the room.


One has to keep in mind the fact that a dressing room is not only the place where you keep the clothes, shoes and accessories, it is also a socialization space for the moments when you need dressing up advice from your friends.


In order to keep a certain equilibrium in the whole house, the dressing room should be decorated in the same style the other rooms are decorated. Choosing the style, the colors, the materials, the furniture and the carpet is not as important as choosing the light accents for the dressing room. You might not be aware of this, but in order to make the best choices when dressing up, when it comes to mixing materials and colors you have to benefit from natural light. In a room where you have no window or at best one small window, the natural light provided by that window will not be enough for you to make the best choices.



Giogali Sp 50 Chandelier

Here is where, the light accents and lighting elements come into action and supply the so much required light. First of all, you have to choose the main lighting element of the room, which can be a chandelier, a set of pendant lights or even just a few spots on the ceiling. If the dressing room is decorated in a classic style, I would go for a fancy chandelier, otherwise I would choose the pendant lights set.


For the shoe storage area, I would choose a glass door or showcase and above each shelf I would place spots that would brighten up the shoes once the glass door or showcase is opened. Small, simple spots would suffice this space, but you should pay attention when choosing the light bulbs.


A chandelier or a pendant lights fixture should be able to provide the required amount of light for that room. Another issue that has to be paid attention to, is the issue of choosing the adequate light bulbs.


It’s not easy to choose the light bulbs that can provide light that’s at least 90% similar to the natural one. This is the main reason due to which when choosing the light bulbs you should try them and see what kind of light they provide. If you do not manage to find light bulbs that provide a light very similar to the natural one, you should choose the light bulbs that provide warm light.


Another aspect that you should pay attention to when choosing the chandelier or pendant lights fixture is the fact that these pieces should not have opaque lampshades as you do not want to obstruct the light, but rather benefit from all it’s power.


The light accents chosen can brighten up a dressing room and offer it the functionality it needs in order for the owner to make the best choices when it comes to dressing up.


The italian manufacturer has a new entry in to their portofolio of light sources in Meteorite family. Available in either pendant, ceiling, wall or table version, the Meteorite collection designed by Pio and Tito Toso is made of Venetian blown glass  with a double-layer artistic glass diffuser. The sophisticated process of machining and grinding of glass-blowing  allows optical depth when the lamp is turned on due to the different lights that are generated.

Desirae Wilkerson

Hello everyone and happy new year! I have a client right now who has the most gorgeous views of the water and a rather large stairway surrounded by windows. The first thing I noticed when I walked in the door was this massive stairway and the itty bitty little light that was installed there by the builders. It wasn’t even a second thought-this lamp had to go! In my experience the lighting up a stairwell and hanging above it should be included in your overall room plan to have it coincide with the rest of the interior. Functional lighting is part of the success of a well designed room, however beautiful lighting can also be a part of that function without losing anything important. Here are some examples of great stairway lighting used in a few different spaces. Narrow hallway, open spaces and yes, large  windows that need something special to look at not only inside but outside too!


 Icaro Ball Pendant


 Mass-NA6 Chandelier


 Geode Pendant Lamp


 Globe Suspension Lamp


 Mega Bulb Pendant Lamp


 Viscontea Suspension Lamp


 Pan-Am Wall Sconce


 Ball-Black Pendant


 Rina SP 60 Pendant Lamp

What lamp would you choose to make your stairway shine? A simple glass globe, or a unique find such as a geode or cage? There are so many options out there, but if you know your space well, you will find the perfect fit for you and your home!

Have a wonderful day!


Ingo Schaer

This is how beautiful design can be that was commissioned by the state! The “Doo-Wop” was originally developed in collaboration with the building administration of the Danish Navy.Doo-Wop by Louis Poulsen

Doo-Wop by Louis Poulsen

This lamp was reissued in 2012 by Louis Poulsen

There better be nobody out there arguing that design produced on behalf of the State is uninspired and boring! The Danish light classic “Doo-Wop” by Poul Henningsen proves the opposite. The lamp was designed in the 1950s in close cooperation between Poul Henningsen and the facility management of the Danish Navy and currently turns out to be a real best-seller. The lamp was used in canteens and offices of the Danish Navy due to its excellent light properties and potential uses. Its glare-free light and its unobtrusive look made it appropriate for use in public buildings. Until 1979 the Danish manufacturer Louis Poulsen kept the lamp in stock. Only in the 1980s it disappeared temporarily from catalogues, before the lamp had a comeback in six versions in the fall of 2012.

In new colors



Design lovers can take credit for the launch of the re-edition of the “Doo-Wop”. After all, their purchase behavior was the reason for producing the lamp again. After more and more of the older versions were traded in antique shops and at auctions, Louis Poulsen responded to the increased demand and resumed production. The current version remains faithful in design to the older version. Only the colors have undergone a little refresher. The screens are still created by hand and finished with a slight curvature. The high-gloss brass version represents a real challenge to craftsmanship. It is created from massive brass and then high gloss polished. Therefore, the brass version, at approximately 500 Euro, is somewhat more expensive than the colorful versions in white, red, green, black or light blue, which cost approximately 335 Euro.

A political art of life

Poul Henningsen

Poul Henningsen

Even though the creator of the “Doo-Wop”, Poul Henningsen, quit his architecture studies, he achieved worldwide fame as a designer. Born as the illegitimate child of author Agnes Henningsen and satirist Carl Ewald, he grew up in a wide open, cultured home. He worked as a freelance architect and journalist, and edited the left magazine “Kritisik Libbi” from 1926 to 1928. When Denmark was occupied by the Germans during the Second World War, Hamilton fled to Sweden. In his cabaret and political writings disguised as poetry he opposed fascism. He held the conviction that art and politics are interconnected, and participated in the social discourse in the 1960s.

Poul Henningsen

1894 born in Ordrup, Denmark as the son of author Agnes Henningsen and satirist Carl Ewald.

1911-1917 study of architecture, first at the technical school of Frederiksberg, later at the technical college in Koppenhagen.

As of 1920 he worked as a freelance architect and journalist for various newspapers and magazines, he also dabbled as a painter and inventor.

He edited the left-wing magazine “Kritisk Libbi”, published in 1926-1928; took an anti-fascist attitude in cabarets and poems.

Escape to Sweden during the occupation of Denmark by Nazi Germany.

He displayed the first set of his famous “PH” lamps at the Arts of Décoratifs et Industriels Modern in Paris and landed a worldwide bestseller.

Henningsen built his “PH” series in over 100 designs, including the famous “PH artichoke lamp” in 1957 and the “PH snowball” from 1958.

PH Artichoke by Poul Henningsen

PH Artichoke by Poul Henningsen

Until his death in 1967 he collaborated with the company Louis Poulsen Lighting.



Ingo Schaer

Charming light effects in a breezy design: the form of the “Étoile” light fixture is reminiscent of a ballerina skirt.

Etoile by Adriano Rachele

Etoile by Adriano Rachele

The art of dance and expressive design enter into a fascinating symbiosis in the “Étoile” light fixture by Adriano Rachele. With its airy light silhouette the light reminiscent of a ballerina skirt, which rises at the dance and bounces gently. The lamp is completely made of Lentiflex® and is equipped with bright LEDs. Facing the ceiling the light creates a relaxing atmosphere, centrally focused the light conjures enticing light reflexes on surfaces, and when directed downwards the light shows tables and furniture in a radiant light. The lamp is available in two different sizes.

Adriano Rachele

Adriano Rachele

Adriano Rachele

The creator of “Étoile”, Adriano Rachele, studied industrial design before he began his career with Slamp. With his designs, he wants to oppose the trend toward mass production. All lamps by Rachele reflect a special aura of uniqueness. However, it is possible to produce his works in series. Rachele works for his designs with state of the art technology and the latest materials. The light fixtures, that are being created, are an expression of pure poetry.

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